Good day fellows,

Here's the thing: I started with heavy metal guitars until I got bored of the uniform sonority and the theatrality of the genre. Then I really wanted a good, versatile guitar, which became the American Deluxe Telecaster. I wanted to play twinkly emo and pop-punk with it..

But then I went to college last year (it's funny how taste reflects your maturity) to study musicology. I became acquainted with Classical music and gradually fell in love. I was deeply moved by the rich sound and subliminality. Sadly: I didn't play guitar at all that year, also because I stopped taking lessons (after 7 years), and the band quit.

Now I fear that I might lose my interest in the sometimes raw sound of the guitar. But I payed much bones for it, I was/am pretty ok at it (people still see me as a guitarist) and the guitar always meant something for me in harder times. Although playing might fig. take me back to that..

So I rechecked some good telecaster guitarists (Ed Bickert, John Scofield, Roy Buchanan etc.) and for some weird reason it's mainly interesting (although honestly) to me -currently- on an intellectual level: 'how does the guitarist make things work'...
All with all, I like listening to the music, but I'm not sure if I love it already

My question I want to pose is: is there a good chance that I will feel emotion and spirituality from this music after I give myself the chance to immerse myself in the style (which I did with classical music) and practice the art, instead of just listening (idem)? Will I learn to re-appreciate the tone of the guitar as well (although I still enjoy the motority of playing the instrument)?

Be happy to hear anything from you

Cheers from Holland
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Im sorry, I just don't see how you could argue that hardcore isn't metal. That just seems arrogant to me.

Yes, its its own kind of metal, but its still metal.
you might check out ted greene...he used a tele to play jazz / bach corals with equal ease...i found him to be very inspiring...

How should we know if ure going to like it ? Just do it and find out