Hello fellow guitar people! I'm looking to make my Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro a bit more sexy with some shinyness. Specifically, I am looking to replace the pickguard, the neck and bridge pickup mounting rings, the backplate covers, the jack plate, and possibly the pickup selector plate. Currently, all of the aformentioned parts on my guitar are in creme color, but I want them to be chrome/nickel. So here's my first question:

What's the difference between chrome and nickel parts? I know all the default hardware on my guitar that is shiny is nickel. Does nickel differ from chrome in appearance?

Now, I need help finding all of these parts in nickel/chrome. Here's what I've found so far:

- Backplate covers and pickguard, but it says in the description that it isn't supposed to be used on Epiphones? Aren't they the same size parts?
- http://store.gibson.com/metal-jack-plates/">Jack plate, but when I zoom in, the nickel version seems to have stains or something on it. Is this how nickel is or will it be clean when I get it?

Please help! Together we can make this guitar a sexy monster of shinyness!
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Chrome is shinyer/brighter than Nickel. Nickel is shiny but has a duller grey look to it.

www.guitarfetish.com has some of the things you want like the pickup rings, Jackplate.
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Gibson and Epiphone Les Pauls have different size parts for pretty much all plastic bits. You'll need parts sized for Epiphone or you'll have to do some trimming/mods, if they'll fit at all.