Hey all,

I'm an up and coming producer from the UK and I'm currently looking to expand my portfolio by getting involved with some great bands who need mixes done. I am currently offering this for free due to the nature of this industry!

You need the experience to get the work but you can't get the work without the experience!

If any bands need anything mixed (Happy to do from a single song to a whole album!) then drop me a line via here, my e-mail (leighfuge32@googlemail.com) or via Soundcloud (In my sig). You can also download my Portfolio and CV from my sig.

Any questions, shoot me an e-mail and I'll get back to you.

Looking forward to hearing what you've all got for me to mix

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Very kind offer, man.

If you don't mind a bit of constructive criticism...your stuff is extremely fatiguing to listen to. Lots of nasty distortion artifacts and harsh upper mids.

I really recommend dialling back the master limiters a bit, it's daft to spend hours carefully crafting a mix (your mixes sound very nicely done) just to go and smash it to pieces with over-the-top amateur mastering.
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