Anyone dig Unwound? Am I the only one on this form that thinks Justin Trosper is an underappreciated guitar god? Is new plastic ideas the best record of the '90's? Are solid state sunn heads equally as good as plexi's?

I realize. That I hate the sound of guitars
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new plastic ideas is really good, but it is the only unwound album i have listened to.

check out fake train, the future of what and leaves turn inside you, all very good, all very different.
I realize. That I hate the sound of guitars
concert leads are the poor mans plexi my friend
I realize. That I hate the sound of guitars
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Is new plastic ideas the best record of the '90's? Are solid state sunn heads equally as good as plexi's?

Well Marshall amps are ****ing bullshit so that's not hard to pull off.

Also Unwound are really good.
I completely agree about New Plastic Ideas, which had always been my favorite Unwound record since the mid-90s up until a couple years ago when I really became obsessed with Leaves Turn Inside You. It's really down to personal preference though, because cases can be made for Repetition and Future of What being their "best" as well.

Leaves Turn Inside You pretty much stands on its own, in its own world, so it's not really fair to compare it to the earlier albums. It's funny because at the time of its release, I really couldn't even be bothered to get into it. This isn't surprising, because it's reputation has really really grown in the past 5 years or so maybe.

I do know one thing for certain though and that's that Challege for a Civilized Society is their most underrated album, by far. I've grown to love it even more over the past few years and seeing them live when they toured for that album was amazing; they were more musically adventurous, while still being loud and intense. As a teen in the 90's, Unwound was my punk rock.

As for Justin Trosper being under-appreciated as a guitarist, I don't really think that's an accurate assessment. It's more of a case of him being mostly unknown to a majority of guitar players, musicians, and music fans. I think of those who are familiar with Unwound, most recognize his prowess as a songwriter AND guitar player. All I know is that I fully appreciate him and consider him one of my favorite guitarist of all time. There's a reason I play a Hi-Flyer copy and an Ampeg AMG100, along with using an MXR Micro Amp for my "distortion" pedal.

I've yet to play through a Sunn Concert Lead, or a Plexi for that matter, but I think Justin made his sound amazing in the context of Unwound's music and recordings. I personally prefer tube amps, but Andy Gill from Gang of Four used transistor/solid state amps and his sound is legendary. I think it's all contextual and depends on what effect you're going for; it's kind of elitist to discount solid state amps as a rule. As for Concert Leads being a "poor man's Plexi", Unwound were poor and made due with what they had within their means. Their records are miles beyond thousands of bands with more expensive gear, so having a "poor man's" anything doesn't matter if you've got something worth playing.