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Def Leppard
5 18%
Motley Crüe
8 29%
2 7%
Reckless Love
2 7%
3 11%
4 14%
Bang Camaro
2 7%
2 7%
6 21%
Van Halen
14 50%
Voters: 28.
Feel free to submit bands that I couldn't fit on the poll!
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i dont really bundle Van Halen into hair metal, but id say Motley Crue takes it.

after listening to all of their shit you don't really need to listen to many more bands after them.
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Van Halen.

I got it baaaad got it baaaaaad got it baaaaaad.

Maybe Motley Crue? If only because the way they made girls dress like slots
Van Halen were hair metal before hair metal was even really a thing.

Source: Self titled album released in 1978.
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I hate to say it, but aren't glam metal and hair metal 2 different things?

Kind of, but kind of not. Musically, they might as well be the same. In terms of how the performers presented themselves (or tried to anyway), they differed.
Dokken. George ****in' Lynch!

Steel Panther (funny humor and lyrics aside) really kick ass too. Those guys can play most of the glam bands they parody under the table any day of the week. The fact that they take nothing seriously and have pretty hilarious lyrics just makes it that much better.
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Skid Row. Seriously. Back then Bach's voice was killer and every riff on Slave To The Grind is a headbanger.
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Yep, Poison.

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I have to go with Ratt, I love all the bands mentioned but Ratt is hands down my favorite.