Hello, all!

First off, I apologize if this specific question (or any like it) has been answered before.

I own an Axe-Fx ultra, and I plan on using a power amp through my Mesa 4x12 Stiletto. A buddy of mine gave me a Crown Xls1000 to use until I can find a deal.
My dilemma is, I know that my cab has a 240 watt power handling and I will be running it 8 ohm mono. There is no impedance setting on the back of the Crown, and I asked about this and was told there would be no problem. Is this true that I can use the three together and not damage the speakers in my cab?

Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Rock on.
It'll be fine. Just use one channel. The volume knob taper works differently from guitar stuff though, you'll probably be somewhere at around 8 or 9.5 our of 10 on the knob.
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