Can anyone advise me on Amplugs please, I have my guitar and amp upstairs so i dont annoy the wife and kids whilst they are watching telly but would like at times to have a practice when i get home from work at 3am. Im thinking of getting an amplug so i dont have to keep lugging my amp and guitar up and down the stairs and waking the whole household but I'm not sure which is the best amplug to get, i have a Vintage v100 and my musical tastes are varied from Paul Weller and the Who to lynyrd skynyd and bb king.
I have been looking at the Night train, ac30 and the lead.
When I went to Sam Ash they let me try the different ones. They work fine. Go try them and see which you like.
If your tastes & what you play is pretty varied, you might be better off getting a multifx & playing that through headphones instead of an amplug.

The Vox Stomplab isn't much more expensive than an amplug, but would provide you with way more options. Also, if you go used you can get some excellent fx units for not much money.
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I bought the metal amplug a couple of yrs ago and yea it does the job ok for practicing with headphones. The build quality is pretty poor and the dials crackle like mad really infuriating.
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I've got the AC30. It works ok but don't expect it to actually sound like an AC30. Half decent headphones make a difference but still, they are just a toy really.
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Thanks for all your replys ive had a complete turn around and decided to get a Orange Micro Crush 3, can plug earphones in and small enough to keep in a downstairs drawer.
I picked up the Metal version for $34 US and it is fantastic for that price. I use it when my wife and kids don't want to hear me play (which is often). I was on the fence when I purchased it but wish these existed years ago after getting one. For what it's worth my wife thinks this is the best $34 I ever invested in guitar gear so she doesn't have to hear the metronome!
I've heard some demos on YT and I thought they actually sounded great for what they are.

What is better, that, a Orange Crush Micro, or a Honeytone amp?
I need a portable/pocket amp.