plugged in my amp with one of the tubes missing, not knowing the switch was on. hear a second of static then it went dead.
anyone with knowledge of amps, can you tell me which part i messed up, how to fix it, and about how much i'd expect a shop to charge me to fix it. it's a peavey classic 30.
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check the fuses inside the amp and on the outside of the chassis first.
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If it's not the fuse, then your best bet is to take it somewhere to have it fixed. Amp repair isn't something that we can talk you through. You do realize that a tube amp stores high voltages, even after you turn it off and unplug it. That's why I won't talk you through a repair job on it.

Reinstall the tube, or replace it and check the fuse. Still doesn't work? Take it somewhere and spend the cash. Curious... which tube did you have pulled? Power?
It shouldn't blow a fuse for a missing tube.
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