So I just got my first soundcard and I need a little help with it. First, how do I plug it all up. I have my bass, amp, soundcard, mic, and my DI. How do I plug this all up to record one track of just the bass and one track through the mic in Cubase 6
You need to be more specific on what you are running through. Is it just a DI? Or is it a USB or FireWire recording interface? The later you would need for a recording of any solid quality. Running into the 1/8" input of your computer is gonna sound quite bad.

If you have a two input interface and your DI box has two out puts on it you would run one out from the DI to the amp to mic it and the other to one of the line ins on your interface armed in cubase coming from the DI box.

But you need to provide more info otherwise I am just speculating about what to do in theory.
This is how I would do it with that gear. I would have the xrl output from the DI going to a input on the interface. So the DI recording would have the effected tone from the DI's controls. The have a lineout going from the parallel output on the DI to your amp and record that with your mic and xrl going to the second input on the interface. Arm the two inputs on different tracks in cubase so you can eq them separately.

Or you could do it reverse of how I mentioned so the DI would have the clean/dry tone and the mic'ed would have the wet signal from the DI and the tone coloration from the amp also.
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it is a sansamp bddi and a focusrite scarlett 2i2

thats my exact setup!
as above, DI into one track, then the parallel output into the second input on the 2i2. make sure you select input 1 for the DI track and input 2 for the clean output and you should have no issues whatsoever
i wouldn't mic up a bass amp unless i could use 2 mics and a DI but i...i like to over complicate things for no massively good reason.
EDIT: i just saw bddi and the 2i2 and got over-excited and didn't read the thread properly
instead of the parallel output, just put the mic into that input instead, adjust the gain - the light should stay green for no clipping - and get the levels to your preference of amp vs DI.

me no good wording
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yeah you will, one for the mic and one for the DI
ok now that I have another xlr cable how do I set up Cubase to record input one and two seperate
i've not used cubase, but i imagine it will be similar to most other DAWs. open 2 tracks, then there should be a part to right click on, i'd imagine its something like 'R' and it should give you an option to chose inputs, just select input 2 on one of the tracks and it should all be plain sailing from there.