Hey guys,

So I have been rocking a used Marshall JCM 2000 DSL head for a while now and I absolutely love the thing. However, I got it (somewhere around) the summer of 11 and I am not sure when the previous owner even replaced them. I know that I should certainly change the tubes, but I have a couple questions.

Should I have other general maintenance stuff done to the amp? How crucial would that be and how often should it happen?

What kind of tubes would you recommend? Price isn't too much of an object at this point seeing as I love the thing so much, but at the same time I always like getting maximum bang for the buck.

Any other advice on keeping the thing ticking along as well as it has been?

The best preamp valves for a Marshall in general and a DSL specifically are JJ's unless you want to go NOS. I recommend a JJ ECC803 in V1 and JJ ECC83S in the other positions.

For power tubes, buy SED =C= if you can afford them, JJ if you can't. JJ are the best value for money.
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I disagree with cath, JJ are OK for the DSL, but I have found a cocktail of two new Mullard 12ax7's in V1 and the PI and two JJ ecc83 in V2/V3 work much better for the DSL. Or use a Sovtek 12ax7LPS or NOS JAN Phillips/GE 5751 in the PI

This combo gets me the best results out of my DSL100 with out the price of NOS tubes

Power tubes SED EL34 (all I use in my Marshall) if you want to drop some money and JJ E34l, KT77 or 6Ca7 if you don't want to spend as much
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