Sorry if I post this a little awkward or something, this is my first thread on UG

But anyways, I just bought a used Ibanez RG120L, as I am a broke lefty.

And honestly, I want to transform this thing into something awesome.

My first approach to making this guitar a better guitar is bridge replacement. I was wondering if any of yall had an insight on FAT/SAT ibanez trems, and if they're able to be replaced with any sort of Floyd Rose trem, or even an ibby edge pro trem? And if so, how it is done?

I looked around other forums and I couldn't find any with straight away answers, or any information/links on how it is done.

Thanks, and cheers gearheads
Pretty sure the FAT/SAT series are Strat-style trems, which means you can't drop in a Floyd-style trem without extensive routing.

You could measure if an Ernie Ball or PRS trem would fit, but it probably still wouldn't quite have the stability needed for divebombing.
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