Looking for a Bass player for new 4-piece Punk band in the West of Scotland. We have a repertoire of 26 covers featuring the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Gaslight Anthem, Paramore, Rise Against, Blink 182 etc and 2 originals so far.

I have several gigs lined up and have been offered the services of a few bassists if I wanted to play them but only as a temporary thing. I would like someone who is as committed to the band and would help contribute to original material on a more permanent basis.

As long as you are passionate, reliable and competent enough to learn the material prior to rehearsals we'd be happy to have you.

If you can sing backing vocals thats a bonus but its not essential.

We are aged between 19 and 22 so anyone 18-30 would would be ideal.

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Hey, a friend of mine just sent me this post and actually I am quite interested in joining your band as a bassist. I am a former guitar player but I have about year and half bass experience so far. You actually got me really well. My favorite band is Rise Against and I can play almost all of their songs. I am currently working also in a metalcore band, however I am opened for more musical projects. I can also provide backing vocals (Screams/Cleans). So if you are actually interested to learn more, drop me a private message.

p.s. I also live in Paisley, 10 mins away from Glasgow.
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