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Hey guys, I've been playing bass for about 9 years now (mostly live), and I never really successfully got into the recording aspect (I've been in studio and recorded, but I'm talking about do-it-yourself home recording.) I was wondering how one would go about setting up and recording my bass playing to some music. Any help preferred!

I do have Audacity as a starting point, and have access to the Pro Tools lab at school, so fire away!


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Go read the interfaces sticky for the different options of what kit you'll need.
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Once you get your gear I think it's important to follow tutorials so you get to know your toolkit well.
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If i could start my recording career over, I'd grab a Reaper DAW trial and a Focusrite Studio Bundle and start learning from there.

Don't be afraid just do it.

I started with a webcam mic and made this:

You can do way better with what you have got these days.
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