Yo. I'm not new to UG itself but I am only just getting to posting in this here forum for my bass playing brethren.

I have an ltd B-1006 and I'm currently having set up issues (as the obvious title suggests).

I had a set of 145-35 strings put on it fairly recently (in the last month) and since they have been put on the action has risen a very noticeable amount which is having an impact on my technique.

I'm not exactly flush for cash at the moment so I need some advice on how to make sure that the action is set up as I want it to be (low but not touching the fretboard low),

Any ideas on how to help to solve the problem would be greatly appreciated.
I can't provide you with a link right now, but a lot of youtube videos demonstrate how to do a setup. I'm sure some of the others on the forum will drop off some detailed instructions. I typically take the strings off, adjust the truss rod so the neck is almost straight, lower the bridge saddles all the way, put the strings on and slowly raise the saddles to my liking, and then setup the intonation.
warwick have some pretty good videos about setting up your bass, its worth noting the fact that the videos do include the just a nut 3 parts, which you won't have on your bass. the rest should still be relevant