The overall condition of the guitar is VG (very good) with no structural issue what-so-ever. No cracks in the wood nor is there any dry-rot. The bracing is sound and all original, as is over 90% of the guitar. The frets and fret board are original to the guitar and display almost no wear. The neck is straight and the neck joint is solid. All inlays are perfect and original to the guitar. The only original parts that were replaced are the tuning peg heads and 3 of the 6 string pegs. Everything else is all original.

This guitar is still owned by its original owner who was 8 years old when he received the guitar as a gift from his mother. He gave up learning after only a few months and the guitar sat untouched in a closet for the past 60 years until it was re-discovered just recently by the owner. The owner had the guitar professionally serviced by a professional luthier (The Guitar Tech) where the tuning peg heads were replaced and the strings changed. The guitar received a perfect bill of health and is now up for sale by its original owner. A legal notarized affidavit of ownership will be provided upon request.

Selling price for this rare vintage beauty in 100% playable condition (that sounds great as well I might add) is $5,250.00. The guitar is located in the New Orleans area.

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