Knew tab talk was not for me, so here I am.

Been trying to learn on a electric guitar and I got this fretboard printout with 9 frets with all the notes on it, and am wondering

how the heck do I read D on the 3rd fret B string or D on the 7 fret G string
or 5th fret A string, there is even ebgdae on the 12th frets just like strumming open? but sound much higher?

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The 12th fret is one octave up from open strings.

The same noted recur all over the place on the neck. A chord consists of a minimum of three notes. For example an open G major is played at the third fret. From low to high strings it follows (the way I usually play it) 3rd Fret - G, 2nd Fret - B, open D (your third note), open G, 3rd Fret D and 3rd Fret G (on the high E string, giving you a note two octaves above the low E fretted note).
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Do you mean reading sheet music and you see a D note?
That's the thing with guitar, you have so many places to choose from. It's up to you.
The open D string note will be written as a 0 in the tablature 4 lines from the bottom of the tab staff. This means to just strum the string. There are other places on the guitar to get the same note. I didn't understand the question, but maybe that helped.
Slap-happy pretty much got it,
and dang, its gunna take me a while to get there
I googled "sheet music octave" and the first image was like a normal treble clef on a staff but above the staff there were 12 more lines.

I need to find a place for free or cheap (not $5 per song sheet music) guitar sheet music with tabs and/or treble cleff, or a good $10ish book thats for guitar and sheet music (got a dvd but it kinda... sucks, out of order, too fast, too slow n misprints on the booklet it came with)

Guitar stores stock tablature books. But I noticed that the tabs are usually wrong. Magazines like "Guitar World," and "Guitar Edge" are great places for songs in tablature notation and standard music notation. Standard being the type that is with the treble clef. They also feature articles that focus on guitar.