Hey all I have a bunch of shredders for sale. This site works a little different than the other forums I belong to so bare with me please. I am an active member at Jemsite, HC, and to a lesser extent SSO with the same user name. I can give ebay references with 100% positive feedback if needed. Please click the links for loads of pics for each guitar.

1998 Ibanez RG 570, Refinished in Neon Orange! Great condition 450.00 Plus shipping

click for 570

Late 80's Ibanez RG560 Black Good Condition 375.00 Plus Shipping

click here for 560

1988 Ibanez 540R Radius (Backstop, Case) Collector Condition 800.00 Plus Shipping

click for 540

2013 Washburn Parallaxe PSX10 Prototype (Unique) 750 + Shipping

click for parallaxe

1997 Jackson Professional MIJ DX2 w/case 500 +shipping

click for DX2

1992 Charvel CX390 w/case good condition 350.00 + shipping

click for cx390

Excellent Condition Jet City all Tube JCA2112RC Combo 300.00

click for jet city


Set 1- Original style fixed wire 81, sa, sa good condition 140.00 + shipping

Set 2-SOLD!

Set 3- New Style quick connect 81, sa, 85 mint condition 160 + shipping

Duncan Dimebucker great condition 60 + shipping

click for pickups,etc

I also have the following:

21 Fret maple/rosewood strat pocket Pointy headstock neck of unknown origin 50 bucks
picture links are not working man
MIJ Rhoads Pro '90
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Laney VC15

price is in what? coffee grains? sugar? cups of tea?
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15 Jackson SLATHX-m 3-7 Slime green
Squier std tele (modded to hell)

Engl Powerball
Laney Ironheart 60h
Zilla Superfatboy 2x12 v30's


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If it's on ebay,there's no need to advertise it here.
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picture links are not working man

Picture hosting site went down for a day or two...they should be working now.
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price is in what? coffee grains? sugar? cups of tea?

Sorry its in US Dollars. I thought my profile would show my location.
Hey all had a short ban due to a misunderstanding, but have been reinstated and still have this gear for sale.

Thanks for looking!
I have the Black 560 back in my possession so that is back on the market.
would you consider parting 2 emg Sa's?
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