What's your take on classic rock revival bands? Do you like them or would you prefer to just listen to the greats?

I found this great new band, Albatross. Loving their new EP, it has the classic rock feel yet theres also a modern hard rock and blues influence. This first track is very Zeppelin-esque but they manage to create their own sound. I wrote a review as well on the site: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/compact_discs/albatross/happenstance_ep/index.html


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Wow what are the chances? I just discovered this band earlier today. It's great stuff. I hope this type of stuff takes off. It's great :-D
Really depends. generally if they sound unique then it's all good, though I find bands like the one above to be just a little derivative and it doesn't really grab me.
@mjones1992: That is crazy considering they are an independent band. How did u discover them ?

@Dead Eye Dick: Well, to each their own i guess.
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Just sounds like blues rock to me. There's tons of bands that sound like this Austin.

For the record, it's OK. Not that great
it is their first album (EP). alot of bands dont find their own sound right away. did u only listen to Evil Woman ? that track might sound like alot of other bands but the rest of the album is different, specially Smoke & Mirrors.
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Alls I gots too say is BBS......very much compared to Skynyrd and other Classic Southern rock bands...but they sure make my day. Honestly if bands didn´t look back imagine what we would be stuck with?!

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