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**The issue with the audio not playing correctly on mobile devices has been fixed**

Hey Everyone! I've been working on a new instrumental for a few weeks now and I'm still not sure what to do with it! I think it's a little bit Andy Timmons and a little bit Steve Morse! Let me know what you guys think! Maybe it'll end up on a new album! Thank you for listening!
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Aaron aardvark - Thanks for the kind words and the review man! I will try something different with the panning/spread next time!

To anyone who tried to watch this yesterday on mobile and couldn't hear the audio, it has since been fixed and you should be able to listen to it in its entirety now!
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It's a very melodic tune man. Your guitar tone is alright to my ears. A little high on the treble end of things. Once the bass comes in it seems to mellow it out though. Your playing throughout is good. Great job. I really like the song.


Regards, Kevin
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The guitar is a bit high in treble, but it even out when the other instruments come in. The bass is too high in the mix for my taste, but the playing flows real well with the rest of the song. Diggin' the licks. Love how the other instruments drop out at 3:06. Nice execution there. Great playing. I can tell you've worked hard on this tune. My favorite phrase would have to be @1:42. Other than the bass being a bit loud in the mix and the treble, it's a pretty solid instrumental.

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KevinFreund - Thank you very much for your feedback, listening to it on different devices gives me a different guitar tone and so I definitely need to work on getting a favorable mix and tone!

Harlot Hero - I'm gonna have to go back and tweak the tone and the mix, but I'm really happy that you like the arrangement and everything on the composition side. Thank you as well for the detailed review with the parts you like, I will definitely go back and use this when working on other songs!
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Very pleasant! Guitar playing is tasteful and tight, and the tone is soundig good through the somewhat muddy mix. The mix is overall missing some punch to it, and width. I'm with Aaron Aardvark on panning the guitar to widen the sound, and also with Harlot Hero on toning down the bass a bit. But the song overall is very nice and interesting to listen to, easy on the ears and contains many good licks and small touches. Has great potential if the mixing is improved!

If you want to throw some feedback in my direction you can check out an instrumental song of mine below: