How long should it take to get a very basic scale down? I have been playing the guitar since I was 13 years old. Most of the time I do not have any trouble learning. I am now 26 and I am a bit behind compared to alot of people my age from time spent working and at school. So, I have been practicing many hours recently. I'm playing the same scale over and over again, and I feel like some daemon energy is slowing me down. The scale I'm trying to learn is A pentatonic minor mode 2 6th string 8th fret. Anyone know how long this should typically take? I was thinking only two hours or so to be able to scale it up and down. I'm already sweep picking just a little bit, so I don't know why I am having so much trouble. My scale book has about 100 scales. I was hoping to get though most of it with in 100 days. I played the two girls one cup video in an attempt to ward off the daemons. However, I feel that may have angered them more.
It differs from person to person, and depends on the efficiency of practice. I wouldn't worry about it as worrying doesn't help and it's not a thing that'd be worth worrying about if it did.

Just take it slow, with a metronome. Make sure both arms are free from tension, and you might want to switch up the starting direction off your alternate picking sometimes.

Teach your fingers where to go and listen to the sounds, then approach it in a musical setting and have your ears tell you where to go.
Play over something in A minor, such as this;

or anything else. Feel free to step out of the scale every now and then, it's good practice to learn to embrace accidentals, putting musicality above the mechanics of a scale.
For example, on that track, you may want to work out the chord progression and follow the chord tones, not all of which will be strictly diatonic I think.

One thing I would like to correct you on is your use of the word 'mode'. You're talking about the second position of the scale, modes have no relevance here and this points to a misunderstanding of what modes are vs what scales/fingerings are.
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hello RyanMcD86, just a quick note for you, i have been playing for many years now and EVERYBODY is different! Just take it steady and dont hold too much on the technical side, just play what feels good and if it sounds right and feels right then it must be right. I enjoy music on the hop that just turns up where you would least expect it so just carry on and enjoy playin dude cos thats what its all about.
You really don't have to know/be able to play scales well to be a good player...just have an ear for things