hi there long time sins i post something here
here are my latest Metal body guitars that i have build
body is made out of sheet steel

here is a new snake
a custom build signature guitare for the random ten

here is a Hotrod
the flames are stainles steel

and here is a hotrod in progress with a bigsby

and here is a very industrial looking guitar

here is a regulair model
painted white and relic it with red copper

and here is a new beast
i call it the beast becouse the sound is so great with that simple build

and here is another one in progress
a Metalcaster silver

so aney comments
Pretty cool, especially the 4th one
You hit 'em and they get back up
I hit 'em and they stay down
- Frank Castle
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I really like the 2nd to last picture, do you build these just for yourself? If you do, you should think about selling them.
and here is ed fury from UK
with one of my builds a Metal V

here is another industrial custom build with one bended side

a machine caster in progress

an upcomming bass guitar
preorderd by koyle

fore the ones who dit not seen this one
The snake relic

here is the sec. beast

here is something you never seen
so it is a steel hollow neck NOT Aluminium
it is tested on warping, bending and everything you can think of
and it past the test
a neck made out of sheet steel all the way
this is my sec. prototype build

Wenge fingerboard