Well, I've been looking at a roller nut for my Iceman, but I'm not sure if it'll work because of the tilt-back headstock. Does anyone have a roller nut on a guitar with a tilt-back, and if so, which nut?
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You just can't have enough guitars. It is impossible for that to happen.
You can do it, and it works just fine, but it is not a common modification. Hofner used them on a few of their guitars (and maybe they still do), and those guitars had tilted angle headstocks. I have seen one on a steel-string acoustic guitar, complete with a tilted angle headstock. The reason that you do not encounter them more frequently is that the things just aren't very popular. AFAIK, even Fender offers their LSR nut on only one factory model - the Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster. Everyone else wants either a locking nut for a tremolo, a compensated nut for better intonation, or a traditional nut; preferably made of good old-fashioned bone.

Because there is more going on with a roller nut, you may find that you have to remove more wood from the neck in order to properly seat the new roller nut. It probably will not be a simple "drop-in" replacement job.
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IMHO, a roller nut is a bit more gimmick than gain.

You can probably achieve most of whatever a roller nut will do for you with a well-cut (ah, and *there* is the magic) teflon or tusq nut. There's a reason that they're not particularly popular. It seems like a good idea, but it falls short in the flesh.