Just a quick question..

When I sing, while playing guitar, I find it SO much better to tune my guitar a step down from standard. I just think it suits my voice a lot better (DGCFAD instead of EADGBE). Now, I have a question.
If I keep singing in that tuning, will that strengthen my voice as much as it would if I played in standard, and sang a bit higher for my voice to match that tuning?
Sorry if this makes no sense.
We dropped a half step (Eb) to give more headroom. All the songs in our set are composed to a suitable key for me but we noticed that the longer the set the more strain on my voice and I´d find myself going false or just loosing sound... so instead of redoing all the songs we just dropped the strings;-).

It´s really hard to say what pushing your vocals will do for you ...it all depends on your vocal range, you may either expand it or just screw yourself up. I myself have found my limits and now I work with a little extra headroom but adding that extra "umph" when singing....expanding my boundries has left me with more room for vibrato and putting a little extra "feeling" in the text rather than just trying to push that high note.

I can really recommend recording both versions (hopefully with band) and then have a listen...when we transpose songs I alway´s have my lead guitarist with me and we go through the chorus (usually the highest part of the song) in different keys until he gets that "Eureka" look on his face and tells me we´ve hit the sweet spot.

and dropping the strings has givin the band a deeper, harder sound that really sounds rock!!

hope that was of some help
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