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All the Kanto references in Moon/Sun make me want another Kanto game, but one that isn't a RBY remake. Small enough region to throw in a return to Johto and Sevii Islands too.

And make Lillie the main rival in it so we can see how she's getting on over there.

I would be 100% okay with that
Managed to get the latter of the post game done so now is time for what I do best, catching them all
You hit 'em and they get back up
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Holy shit I just found Nugget Bridge pt II.
My old signature was too long. Have a daisy.

so did this gen not sell as well as the last two or is everyone just slacking?

i read the other day that you guys have failed two global challenge events in a row now.
You hit 'em and they get back up
I hit 'em and they stay down
- Frank Castle
I think I'm the only person in here that played Pokemon GO for longer than the first week, but the recent addition of Gen 2 has made the game feel as 'exciting' as it was when it first came out.

Instead of only seeing maybe 1 Pokemon out of every 100 that are worth catching, it's now back to the good old days of basically everything being new again, which is nice.
I'm still playing it, I'm getting the same feeling with Gen 2. I live by a handful of pokestops so the amount of times I've opened the game, seen a new shadow nearby and left to get it reminds me of July.
So I finally got decidueye last night (havent had the time to play moon properly yet), I hated it so much I deleted my save. I want Litten
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Anyway I have technically statutory raped #nice

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once a girl and i promised to never leave each other

since that promise was broken

i dont make promises any more
Think I've finally given up altogether on Pokemon GO.

The hype of gen 2 was incredible for the first couple of weeks, but weirdly since then it's actually made the game worse.

Whereas before you'd just see the same trash Pokemon 80% of the time, with the occasional one worth catching, now the trash Pokemon from gen 2 have just replaced them, so it's just 50% gen 1 trash, 50% gen 2 trash, with very little else.
I don't play it extensively, but one of my jobs is a gym and my main school building is a pokestop so it's not much of a pain to turn it on, see what's around, and turn it off.

I forgot that Murkrow and Sneasel don't evolve until gen4 so I was initially super hyped that they're all over my campus and then disappointed that I can't evolve them

I did find a Cyndaquil though so that's neat
If you have high expectations, you end up bitter. I still enjoy playing it with my partner, but I never lost sight of how bare it's always been
Quote by EndTheRapture51
Anyway I have technically statutory raped #nice

Quote by EndThecRinge51
once a girl and i promised to never leave each other

since that promise was broken

i dont make promises any more
Anyone here play competitive? Smogon or not I'm donw for either and I'm itching for battles and trades
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I'm currently breeding for a competitive Minior as a self destruct opener, using it's ability to shoot out a stealth rock beforehand
You hit 'em and they get back up
I hit 'em and they stay down
- Frank Castle
Alright boys and girls, I'm bumping this thread back into relevance with my Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

Self imposed rules:

-Set battles only.
-Kalos starter is determined by the first number of my trainer ID, Kanto starter is determined by the last. 1-3 = Grass, 4-6 = Fire, 7-9 = Water, 0 = Thread's choice (Not Charmander or Chespin because I've rasied both already).
-I'm only allowed three mega evolving pokemon at any point in the run. If they all faint, I can no longer use mega evolutions. I can choose which three (so I'm not instantly locked into the kanto starters as one of the three), but I only get to use three different ones.
-I'm not allowed to look up upcoming gyms or levels of said gyms. I have to go in as blind as possible.
-I am not allowed to use PokeAimee with the exception of turning Eevee into Sylveon should I chose and if I am able.
-One pokemon per area, regardless if it's via surfing, tall grass, or other methods
-I will not accept the gift Lucario, and the fossil will be immediately boxed for dex completion later
-I am allowed to catch legendaries, but they are only allowed in the party if they are the first thing I encounter in that area (for the sake of the dex and trade bait later).
-Shiny clause
-Repeat clause (I cannot catch repeat pokemon, and if I encounter three repeats on any given route, that route is closed).
-In order to restrict how much money I have, I must buy one article of clothing in every single town, and I cannot sell revives or other money based items (Nugget, Stardust, etc)
-no super training
-no exp share

Fennekin was my Kalos starter, Kanto will be the threads choice.

Any other suggestions?

Will post updates in first person from Fennekin's perspective once I have stuff to talk about
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I'm telling you Bulbasaur's the best starter believe it

Scyther is the best pokeman except the fucker can't fly...

The rest can gtfo Bulba + Scyther will massacre elite four.
Bulbasaur it is.

Jengo's Log, Part 1

My name is Jengo. If you're reading this, it means I'm still alive. Let's hope it stays that way.

I am a male Fennekin, born and raised by Professor Sycamore. At least, I had been raised by the Professor, until now. I was chosen by a young girl named Amélie. She seems pleased with me thus far. Sadly, I cannot say the same for my companions. Since setting out, we have been joined by Ganymede, a young Pidgey, and Xion, a young Caterpie. I am sure both of them will be great assets to our success, however Amélie seems quietly disappointed by them. We shall see if things change with time. For now, we rest in Santalune Forest.


Jengo (Fennekin) Lvl 7
Ganymede (Pidgey) Lvl 4
Xion (Caterpie) Lvl 3
Think I need a break from Pokemon games for a while. At the time I thought I just didn't like X because I got 6 or 7 badges and just got bored, but I've recently encountered the exact same problem with Alpha Sapphire, despite loving it at the start. 

I think at that stage of the games I now just feel like I'm in too much of a familiar scenario. I've basically got my final team nailed down, all I'm doing now is chugging through until the Elite 4. Wild Pokemon feel a bit pointless as I'm unlikely to encounter anything worthy of a place in my team and the lack of any real challenge makes it more about how much time you're willing to sink in until the end, as opposed to how much skill/strategy you have.  

Maybe with the Pokemon GO hype last year too, I think I've just become a bit burnt out on Pokemon. Unsurprising, considering I've probably completed at least 1 game a year for the past 18. 
Yeah that's why I had to put all those restrictions on this run otherwise it just would have been too easy also I get the benefit of something relatively stress free to do anywhere and (hopefully) writing those journals will help me flex my creative muscles
Playing without Nuzlocke as an adult is basically pointless. I haven't picked up Sun since life a month after it released.
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Anyway I have technically statutory raped #nice

Quote by EndThecRinge51
once a girl and i promised to never leave each other

since that promise was broken

i dont make promises any more
Jengo's Log, Part 2

Amélie has chosen to stop and make camp somewhere on Route 4. We went though our first gym challenge with ease; I took care of the early trainers, and Ganymede took care of the leader. Everything has gone smoothly so far and we have no reason to complain. Amélie took the time to chat with us and explain that she has done this sort of thing before. Privately, I find that rather impressive for someone so young, but I didn't comment. Not that she would have understood anyway. She said something about wanting to train new friends (re: I would rather raise pokes I've never raised before for this run), and so some of our group has accepted that they will be sitting on the sidelines for now until they are needed. Xion in particular was fine with this; she has evolved into a butterfree, but even with that, she knows she will not be of much help until later gym battles.

Amélie has asked that we get rest and train when we have the time tomorrow. We will be meeting with the professor for a progress update, and we will be joined then by another of the Professor's pokemon. I do not remember them all that well, so it should be an interesting meeting.

Badges: 1
Casualties: 0

Current Party
Jengo (Fennekin) Lvl 13
Ganymede (Pidgey) Lvl 13
Hank Song (Bunnelby) Lvl 6
Beeva (Combee) Lvl 6

In the box:
Xion (Butterfree) Lvl 10
Audo (Fletchling) Lvl 9

I've raised Butterfree numerous times before, and I had a Talonflame on my first play through of Y, so I'd rather not use them unless I absolutely have to (they might be helpful for the grass gym). I've never had a female Combee before, so that's new for me. The only reason I'm keeping Pidgey is because A.) I like his name, and B.) He earned his spot in the first gym.

Most of the names in this run are Overwatch references. Hank Song is a play on Hana Song (D.Va), Beeva is also referencing D.Va, Amélie is Widowmaker's actual name, and Ganymede is the bird that hangs out with Bastion. Jengo is something I came up with after messing around for a while, and Xion is a kingdom hearts reference.

I'll take name suggestions for future Pokémon, especially the Bulbasaur I'll be getting soon

Also taking suggestions for story elements from Jengo or any other pokemons point of view; part of why Im doing this is for the creative challenge
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