What would be the difference in tone? I'll be buying a bare knuckle Nailbomb for distortion, and a bare knuckle Juggernaut for clean. I play a lot of metal, by the way.

I like my cleans very warm but with good highs still.
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Intro - [forbidden link] .com/watch?v=de6VjUe0yNw

[forbidden link] .co.uk/main/downloads/soundclips/humbuckers/contemporary/juggernaut/juggernaut_-_clean_demo.mp3

When it comes to distortion, I like a bit of everything, but mostly good mid and highs (I like to leave most of the bass where it belongs... to the bassist :P)

The first video I posted might be a good enough example already, but here's another example just in case.

[forbidden link] .com/watch?v=sQ5-NbE09vo

So my main question here would be this: What would be the best pickup position for cleans, and for distortion? Neck, or bridge?
If you don't already know what you prefer then I really don't think a pickup change is going to do anything much for you at all.

A pickup change is a very subtle change in tone, even through the best amps, it's not going to suddenly make you sound like bulb just because you're using one of his pickups.
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I like to use the neck for cleans, but that may just be preference. I find myself a little further from the bridge when strumming.or plucking.
But, yeah, a pickup is going to give you the smallest possible change in tone you can get. An aggresive pickup will not make a lesser amp sound any better. Which amp are you paying on, by the way.
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Bridge for Metal, Neck for Blues.
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