HERRO UG... if anyone out there is interested, I am a guitarist currently looking to start an online based djenty-ish project to do in my spare time. This will utilize both 6 and 7 string guitars. Any instruments are welcome (I dont mind having 3 guitarists at all hell, the more the merrier!!!) the only 2 things I ask are as follows!!! The ability to record quality DI tracks and send them. Also, the use of the program "dropbox" so everybody is on the same page and can get the files.

Not after any one particular style or sound, I figure that will form by itself.

If you think you might be interested/ this might be fun for you, then shoot me a message!
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Im interested. i play both 6 and 7 string guitars as well as a 5 string bass. i can also program drums (superior drummer) and am familiar with doing midi synths and stuff. i have a quality interface (presonus firepod) and have a bunch of different guitars i can use.

I dont have much musical knowledge, but im a pretty tight player. been playing for 5 years or so now.
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I'd be down. I mainly play bass (I have a 6 string bass) but I can play guitar also, I can program drums, and can provide you with clean DIs no problem. Hell I could even do vocals but I really am not very good.

As of right now, its looking like 3 guitars and a bass, with pretty much everyone being able to program drums / midi. As for vocals, will need to figure those out at a later date once something has been thrown down and recorded. Thanks for the interest!
Id def be down for this, im a pretty competent all around guitarist, i have 6 7 and 8 strings, i can play bass pretty well too, and i could program drums as well.
Here are some samples of my work:

Neither of them really djent per se, but they show off my chops to an extent. Message me if you like what u see!