Hi,I'm new here,and I've just started singing at the end of the last year.Most of my friends say I suck,but some of them say it's okay.Personally I think it sounds alright when I'm hitting lower,non-belting notes,while the high ones sound strained and whiny.Could you guys give me feedback on how my voice sounds,and what I'm doing wrong?I've recorded myself singing 3 songs.Feel free to blast me if you like,but at least give good feedback.

Original Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLsxkxh8Ns0

Micro Cuts
Original Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HOr1NCv1HA

Map of the Problematique
Original Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibRMmLlLz64

My singing: http://soundcloud.com/yellowstripes

Yea,I'm kinda addicted to Muse right now. :P
PS:In case the links don't work,just find the songs on Youtube. They're all by Muse.And my lyrics aren't 100% accurate,I'm can't remember them when I'm nervous.
One of the worst thing an inexperienced singer can do, in my opinion, is to try to sound like another singer.

You're trying so hard to sound like the muse guy that you're not really listening to your own fundamentals. Timbre is built on top of tone.

It's hard to give you feedback here because it's hard to hear what you actually sound like under the mediocre job you're doing trying to sound like Mr. Muse. Plus the mix on these songs is pretty terrible to evaluate your singing by.

Stop trying to sound like him. Try to sound like you. And focus on a full, round, full-bodied tone. Then record something with minimal backing and ask us to help you evaluate that.
Okay,thanks.By minimal backing you mean songs with less instrumentals?Would Time Of Your Life by Green Day do?If it does,I'll upload it in a day or two.Sorry about the bad choice of songs and all.
Okay,I've uploaded two versions of the song with and without instrumentals,it's the same SoundCloud link as the one I've posted above.I don't know if it still sounds like I'm copying the singer,since I don't know how else to sing the song,other than the version I've heard from the original singer.

I think I might have neglected the full bodied tone thing a little cause I have slight pitch problems,so I have problem staying on pitch when trying to sing in a fuller tone as I'll get more bass in my voice,which kinda screws with my perception of pitch.It's also the reason I tried to sound more like Matt Bellamy in the Muse songs,as I can't be too sure that I'm on pitch otherwise.
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