New to this forum and the world of music to some degree.

I played at piano and trumpet in gradeschool because 'thats what you do'. In HS and college tried to learn guitar and failed miserably.

FF 20 years and it's time to make my son take music. The advantage he has is inheriting the talent from my wife's side of the family - her dad is into bluegrass and plays anythign with strings and makes instruments. Her brother is the same and plays in a jazz band as a hobby, moslty double bass, but also guitar.

Had my son playing cello in teh school orchestra and when it wasn't cool anymore he turned to guitar and is damned near a prodigy. He's about to turn 13. He's got a hand me down folk acoustic, a washburn dreadnaught cutaway acoustic and a washburn elec into an inexpensive vipyr amp.

With 100 trips to lessons, stores, etc I decided to give bass a try and when self instruction failed (even with the internet) I turned to taking lessons. It's working - I am making progress and having fun. Have an ibanez p/j copy w/ flats and a yamaha RBX375 5 string string EADGC into a fender rumble 75.

My daughter likes to try everything and this year it's guitar. Got her an austin brand strat copy in her favorite color and she's taking lessons. age 10.

Misc stuff laying about is an old old accordion, the cello (1/2 1940s german student quality instrument), a ukelele, a yamaha keyboard, yamaha drum set (kids...and friends selling things cheaply)

Hoping to give my kids enough interest, encouragment and support to keep them out of trouble in their teen years.

Anyway, that's my story.