Hi there,

I´m making an intrumental album and i need some english/english america, verse talking, not sing.
I´m not english, so the pronounced would not be the same.
Can someone can provide, to record it? its just a small words

id do it but i think my pronounciation is horrid too

but if you dont find anyone else to do it well feel free to shoot me a pm in a week or so(im in midterms and working a full time job so i wont be home til one of those gives in a bit)
Gabe you liar! We all know that you're secretly a native Alabama boy pretending to be English!


Lol. In all seriousness though Mr. Tokai is English, has a classic accent and can fulfill all your spoken word and electric bass needs
What do you need done fella? I'm a Londoner with a neutral accent, I do have recording equipment (if I can find it) and have experience in Voice acting so I might be able to help.