Hi guitarheads,
I have a puzzle I am hoping you can solve. I have been playing for years using a
L6t tone for Line 6 Gearbox called reverbaholic. I fell in love with it the moment I
used it. I have built my entire repertoire around it. So naturally when I felt ready
to hit the stage, I bought a pod hd500 from Line 6. It supposedly has all the amps/
cabs/effects that gearbox uses. I've attempted to recreate the reverbaholic tone
to no avail. In my opinion, the guy who created reverbaholic is a genius. The tone
has sonic clarity from highs to lows and sweeeet sustain, with perfect attack and
decay. If anyone knows the parameters to insert into pod hd500 can you pleeeeese
post them in this forum? The world will love you for it. Anyone who has never played electric guitar using reverbaholic will get a pleasant shock when they discover it. It is perfect for Pink Floyd, Santana, Metallica and many heavy metal songs.
I have copied the exact cabs/mics stomps etc from gearbox and entered them into the hd500. It sounds nothing close to the original. I thought maybe I could import the old tone into the hd500 using my computer, but I haven't had success there either. Hope you can help. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
What are the parameters on reverbaholic?
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The parameters for Reverbaholic are:

Amp: Line6 Spinal Puppet
Cab: Britt Celest 4 by 12 1978 T-75's
Gate on: Thresh -25db Decay 25%
Vol: off
Wah: off
Stomp: Screamer- drive 75% Gain 78% Tone 20%
Mod: off
Cab/ER 50% Mic 57 0n axis
Comp on: Thresh 24 Gain 0%
Post EQ on: the four parameters under Gain are 12.2 4.0 1.6 5.6
the four parameters under Freq are 320 380 8.1k 8.0k
Delay off
Verb on: Cavernous pre delay 100% Decay 44% Tone 44% Mix 49%
There may be deeper settings than this but it's all that is visible in Gearbox.
Use the Cave setting on the POD. use the same parameter settings that you have listed above. Done.
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Thanks Laidback,
I have already used the cave setting but the final sound is definitely different. After a week or so of experimentation with settings, I find that whereas the original Gearbox sound is smooth and sweet, the pod500 sound squawks. ie it gets real peaky. Rather than cutting through the background music, the guitar struggles to be heard, then suddenly breaks through with a shrill shriek on high end notes. This is not the way Gearbox behaves. That sound is Godlike, and I haven't yet cracked it. The closest I've come is to add BluecompTreb in the mix. That's cheating I think, but possibly the original author may have used a treble compressor anyway. I haven't given up yet. Using Studio EQ gives it a bit of punch and the four band EQ can help too.