My project 'Promises Are Best Kept Broken' or MPABKB for short is seeking a dedicated Melodic or Clean Vocalist. I write and record everything for the project. You can be from ANYWHERE in the US.

I have a wide range of influences , and I'm definitely cool with collaborating on the riffs, and drums. Knowing a little guitar is a plus but is not required.

Please be 17-24. Have Skype. Be Have at least a decent microphone (preferably a Shure , Sennheiser or something similar). Have access to a program (Don't really care which , but nothing like audacity or something else free). Be Confident in your abilities yet not a ego tripper. Being a lyricist is also a plus.

A little bit about myself ; I'm an experienced 'Screamer' or 'Harsh' Vocalist. Though more recently I ruined my throat from straining too much. I've played guitar on the side for around 2-3 years, then picked up bass around a year ago. I'm no amazing instrumentalist but I get the job done and right.

If you're interested, check out a track I uploaded to my profile.