I am going to a studio tomorrow to do some live recordings of my bands songs. I currently play my guitar through two amps simultaneously (both with slightly different tones, with all the effects running through one). I was wondering when it comes to doing the live recording, would it be ok if I played as normal and recorded both amps at the same time? Or will there be phasing issues that means it would not be good to do so. I use a Radial Bones Twin City pedal to split the signal at the moment which has a setting on it to counteract phasing issues if that'll help....

Any advise/tips would be great as I'm useless at this sort of stuff!

Thanks a lot.
Ok, the good news is that you are definitely in the right place, or at least one of them, as there are absolutely people here that can help you!

The bad news...I'm not one of them...sorry...

I'm sure one will be along shortly though!

Also, you might try the 'recordings' forum to see what they have to say over there are well?
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Are you for certain that you're going to record "live," as you say?

Most modern recording studios will track dry DI signals straight from your guitar, into their computer. They might split the signal and record an amp track as well... but since your setup is complicated, I'd honestly be surprised if they didn't track a DI signal and then "reamp" them later, individually.

I wouldn't worry about it TBH - The engineer should know what he/she is doing. Perhaps call ahead and ask them what they'd prefer to do? I know that I personally wouldn't even bother setting up mics on your amps for this, until we've got everything DI tracked. Many engineers would even prefer not to use your effects and track just the amp signal. This allows them to add the effects digitally inside their recording software and have complete control over everything (ie: You're not stuck with a delay time that doesn't work tightly with the tempo of the song/drum beat, and can easily be changed, without having to rerecord).
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