My name is Mandy and i'm new on this forum.
I really like singing and would love to make youtube videos.
In the past few days i recorded my first cover.
I'm a little bit insecure about my voice, so i was wondering if
you could give me some feedback / advice.
I'm really curious about what you guys think of my cover.
You sound good! I think if you continue to sing, you will definitely get better over time
No need to post this in the main forum as well

Your voice definitely has a lot of potential. I agree with the post in your other thread about confidence. I'd love to hear you sing this louder, with more belief in yourself. I can tell there's a wonderful voice hidden in there but it's being overshadowed by your shyness (which is understandable on your first video).

Do you live with others? To me, it sounds like there is someone else home and you're too embarrassed to sing louder, which leads your voice to be a bit pitchy here and there. A bit of advice - Forget about them and everyone else! If you go into your recording worrying about how you sound, it will show through. Sing because you want to sing, don't care about what others think - You are a beautiful girl, with a great voice. Don't let anyone else tell you differently.

What did you use to record the audio on this? The quality is great and works excellently with the backing track. I'd say, next time, maybe lower your vocal just a tad and be weary of higher notes, as they're overloading your compression at parts.

As far as the video goes - My advice would be to crop in more on your face (maybe more at an angle, pointed towards the opposite side of your face that your hair falls on). When you're doing a song like this that is more emotional, the shot needs to be more intimate. With the camera where it was on this one, it makes watching the video less interesting, because it's not really a very animated song, so we're just watching you sitting still, with some mouth movement. Frame in closer to your face and the viewer will be more drawn to the intimacy of it.

What kind of camera are you using? Try increasing the aperture so the video is brighter (ie: if you're at f8, go down to f4). This will create a more washed out look to the video that is almost surreal. Focused in on your face, it will allow your beauty to shine through, as there will be less harsh shadows on your face, and the background will turn nearly white, especially if the camera is pointed toward a natural light source (a window). You also might be able to naturally get the lens flares you've super imposed on this video, which will lend a nice artistic touch
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Cross-posting from the other thread:

Video: A tad overproduced, with a crapton of unnecessary bokeh effects, but the sound is perfect. Kudos for using an instrumental version for the backing track.

Voice: Not bad, but you know, you can always sing quietly and with confidence. You kind of sound like you're getting stage fright in your own room. There's a fine line between "sweet" and "oh god what am I doing I'm not prepared why didn't I practice more oh god oh god".