I've been looking at getting a second amp. The amp that I currently have is a Marshall G30R-CD . I also have a Boss SD-1 distortion (no keeley mods or anything). I mostly play stuff like 70/80's metal and rock, from Blue Oyster Cult to Motley Crue to Black Sabbath to Megadeth and everything in between. Some of the amps I've been looking at are:
Peavey Windsor
Peavey Valveking
Marshall JTM30
Marshall AVT275 or AVT100
Blackstar HT50

I would like to keep it around $400, but I could stretch to $500 for something really awesome.
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where do you live man?

Southern California.
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Like San Diego or LA? Do you gig? How important are cleans?

San Diego, I do small gigs (I'd need to be heard over a drummer), and cleans are meh, I guess.
These are amps I'd be looking at in your situation.

http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/msg/4131764845.html 5150 combo
http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/msg/4166384143.html Vypyr 120 combo
http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/msg/4153143049.html Line 6 Flextone
http://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/msg/4172069641.html Marshall DSL head
http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/msg/4178227755.html Bugera 1990
http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/msg/4178199566.html B52 AT100 stack
http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/msg/4166136132.html Krank Rev Jr 20 head
http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/msg/4159078893.html Valveking 100 head
http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/msg/4175473148.html Peavey Classic 50
http://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/msg/4168964028.html Bogner Alchemist combo

The 5150 combo is heavy (both figuratively and literally ) but it has casters and would be worth the stretch. Loud as ****. Brootalz all day. May actually be a bit much but it can deliver.

The Vypyr 120 is a modeling amp with a tube power amp bolted on. The power amp is actually lifted right off the 5150 series almost identically. It has lots of decent effects you can turn on and off and models other amps like the 6505/JSX/Dual Rectifier/Diezel VH4/Plexi/Fender Twin etc. It is also very loud but more manageable volume wise. Also great for home practice and has a headphone jack. It is also lighter than the 5150. I have several clips in my profile doing similar stuff to what you play. Brit test and XXX/JSX comparison come to mind.

The Line 6 Flextone I have not personally played but they are generally well regarded. You'd have to play it and make up your mind.

The Marshall DSL 100 amp is damn near just about perfect for what you play. Unfortunately, it is a bit over budget and you would need a speaker cabinet to connect too. Actually any rec up there that says head - will need a speaker cab. But the DSL does the JCM800 - modern metal thing very well. They can be a bit finicky sometimes and have had some funky QA problems for time to time but I would not hesitate.

The Bugera 1990 is a decent amp. I normally do not recommend Bugera due to their quality issues but that lies mainly with their high gainers. I have not heard too many complaints on the 1990. A buddy of mine uses it as a bass amp. It is modeled after a Marshall JCM 900 I believe. I'd consider it but not as good as some of these other options.

The B52 AT100 half stack is a great deal. It has a quality tone at a low price. They have had some issues too but if it works today, I'm sure it is fine. It is somewhat modeled after the Mesa Dual Recto. Cleans are really nice and it can get heavy as hell. Good deal there.

Krank Rev Jr - is one I have not played. Robbnarly can probably tell you more. 20 watts is probably the minimum number of watts you will want. I'm sure it can do Megadeth though. Thrash at least. Maybe not Killswitch. Don't know.

Valveking 100 - here is another good amp for the money. This one looks new and you'd need a speaker cabinet. I used to own a Valveking if you want to learn more. You can probably find one cheaper than that. Do not consider Valveking speakers though - they are horrid. VK has nice cleans and can get pretty heavy with a boost and an EQ pedal.

Peavey Classic 50. It may not look like it can do brootalz on paper but these things rip. I've played the 30 watt version. MatrixClaw has a clip doing metal with this amp. It will kill for 80's hair metal for sure and has a nice clean channel. It will be a loud amp.

Bogner Alchemist - I don't care for the combos as much as the head/cab version but these are really nice amps too. Nice dark distortion and rich cleans. The built in reverb and delay work really well. Should be pretty awesome for what you play but they are kind of love hate amp. You'd need to play it.

Bottom line - lurk craigslist like a mother****er and make appointments to go play some amps. If you have any questions or play something and are just not sure report back. Good luck.
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311 has a bunch of great suggestions

I was going to recommend a Marshall DSL if you could find one in your price range
Or a Jet City JCA50H (or whatever the combo version is), one of those right outta the box should nail everything you're looking for in spades.
The Peavey Classic 50 would be a good choice too
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Man, that Laney stack looks pretty sweet...
It I decide to play glam metal, I'll pick up that Mesa Nomad
DSL 401 or classic 50. 30s are nice, but the 50 would be heavier. But....

Or Peavey XXX/JSX/ULTRA+ combos. Very flexible. May have to be patient but would be my choice at your price range.
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