Although I like my POD HD500, there is always that part of me that yearns for a small tube amp! I'd prefer one that has an emulated output, but before I get into asking about opinions about various Blackstar combos, Egnater Rebel 30's/Renegades, and the like...if I keep my POD, has anyone had any experience with one of these below??? It's a Tech 21 Power Engine 60.

The DT25 is (mostly) a tube amp.

The Tech 21s are pretty popular. I haven't played with one much, but know several folks who swear by them.

I have three early Atomic Reactors. These were designed specifically for modelers like the Pod XT/HD beans. Essentially, they're powered speakers like the Tech 21s. The 112-18 is a largish cabinet (about the size of a 2x12) with a single 200W Eminence speaker (some special design) that offers fairly flat response over a fairly wide frequency range. The amp is an 18W EL-84 based tube amp that's pretty clean. There are two 50W versions, a 112 and a 2x12. The amp is a 6L6-powered amp and the 112-50 differs from the 112-18 in that it's a ported cabinet. The 212 (I have one of those, too) is seriously big -- about four inches short of a 4x12, it has two serious ports. All are closed back, of course.

The Pod (or the Vox or Behringer or M-Audio modelers) fit into a hot-swappable bay that makes all the appropriate connections once the modeler is mounted into the bay. Drop it in and you have, essentially, a combo amp that features a modeler as a preamp. You can also use a floor model (there's an FX loop; just plug the modeler into the FX loop return). And finally, there are outlets that allow you to use a pair of these as a stereo setup. Since the X3 and HD allow dual rigs at once, you can actually pan one rig right and the other left and have each speaker outputting a different rig.

Google them.
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Thank you for the reply (and the tip)! I'll have to check out the Atomic Reactor!

About the DT-25, you say that it is 'mostly' a tube amp. What doesn't make it a tube amp, I'm curious?
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