Hey i am just a newbie (pardon me there :P )
Recently i Switched from Medium gauge to Light gauge string, Now i have Following Problems
1. Strings are tuned but still loose (expect E 6th)
2. Alot of Buzz while strumming (because of loose strings maybe)
3. How can i Adjust my Truss Rod according to new Light gauge strings ?

I like sound of these light gauge strings
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Adjusting your truss rod is for adjusting neck relief, not fixing fret buzz, if you do not know how to check neck relief, it explains it in the setup thread somewhere on here. If your neck relief is off, by all means adjust your truss rod, in which case you'll need an allen key to turn the rod accordingly. I don't know too much about setting up an acoustic, so maybe someone else will come along and help me explain
Actually fret buzz is not a big issue, I just want to know is it necessary to adjust truss rod after switching from medium/heavy strings to light gauge ?
Mike is correct. The function of the truss rod is to set the relief (neck bow). Sometimes going to lighter or heavier strings will change the relief some. So check the relief, adjust accordingly, THEN set your action (string height), which is done at the nut and saddle.

Here are a couple of set-up guides... there are tons more... just google guitar set-up. There are also Youtubes of guitar set-up if you are more of a visual person.


Thank you both it worked ,Only problem now is That my A string is very loose but tuned, i hve also tried by ear