"The Goddess"

INTRO: B  D D A\B  B A  A\B  D E

I know what you feel

I know what you think
A                 B
 I know what you want

You try to break free of your misery
         A               B
 Try to fix your self esteem

VERSE ............ THEN YOU HEAR:
 Wanna see what you've got
 Wanna see you give me your best shot
I'm the goddess

Later in the song there is an F# and D but mainly the song is based on the B and A chord as barre or power chords......

The song uses the chords
B A E F# and D

But mainly the B and A chord throughout...

I can do the song but it is kind of hard for me to put the beats or strumming pattern of it here..... The above is just sort of a feel of the song....when I got to the VERSE I left out the strumming type pattern... and to me that is the key to the song but too much for me to tab out .... GOOD SONG BY THE WAY....
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I think it goes something like this, at the beginning, what about the solo, anyone who could give it a try?.

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this is the way i hear the intro up until she begins singing

   B  D D  A/B     B A  A/B  D E
E --------------------------------
B --------------------------------
G --------------------------------
D -----7-7-------------------7-9--
A -9---5-5--7/9----9-7--7/9--5-7--
E -7--------5/7----7-5--5/7-------

I personally prefer to list the chords as I know they are playing power chords to play this style music... to me all power chords are are hitting the top strings of a barre chord..... but to each his own.... to much to tab it all out the way you have it shown...
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