I've just joined this group that I wasn't even aware of.
First - I am 62. Started playing gtr at 12. Learned everything by ear and being shown by others. Played in several teen bands in central FL in mid-late 60s. The best known was the Berkely Five in which I played bass.
Quit that band to go to FSU where I played in #2 Jazz Band and studied classical guitar.
After college, got a good paying job, started a family and got away from playing for about 12 years. During the downfall of that marriage after we moved to Las Vegas, I started playing again to calm my soul. Within 6 months I was trying out with local bands and played with several new country bands (Eric Poe), although I wasn't very good.
I joined one of the best local bands (Quesa Diva) with a great female vocalist - played mostly chick rock. Lots of fun. Company moved me to San Francisco and I again got away from music.
Now disabled/retired living in Oregon and started playing again recently after some successful finger surgery. I still have my gear! My goal is to regain my chops and ear and find the best musicians I can to play with locally.
Interests: New Jazz, Motown soul, classic rock, some new rock. Want to learn bluegrass and blend my other styles with it.

Change topic: I was asked by a family member to sell an ESP Vintage Plus and need to learn about it before I can advertise. What forum should I post the description and inquiry?

Looking forward to getting acquainted with this site and your response!

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I would try the "Classifieds" section of the site. It is the last one in the music section on the forums page.