I was wondering what strings anyone could recommend me for tuning to C standard on a 27" baritone.

I've been experimenting with a couple of other tunings and strings sets and have realized that C standard is plenty low enough for the styles that I play. The set I've been using for the past few weeks is a 13-56 nickel-wound set in A standard because the tension feels best like that (this was before I realized that C is low enough for me)

I was thinking about getting a 12-52 set (with a wound 3rd) but then I wasn't sure if that was too much because the .046 in my current set is pretty much perfect at D (a D g c e a) so I was thinking the next size up from that (.048/.049) would be good for two semitones lower (C) so now I'm not sure if a 10-49 set would be better suited.

I would rather go with the skinnier set because smaller strings feel better to me but, again, I'm not sure on the tension.

P.S. I'm living as a student right now so buying two or three sets and wasting some isn't really in my budget right now. That's why I'm wanting some advice here otherwise I would've just bought both.

I personally wouldn't know which would be perfect for a 27", but I would of guessed a 9/10 to like a 45/50. Experiment?
I have my 25.5" scale guitar tuned to D standard with 11-52's and it feels like the strings have less tension than my 24.75" scale guitar in E standard with 10-46's. With that as a reference I'd probably have to go to 12's to get down to C on my guitar.... compensate for the 27" scale and you're probably back at 11's.

I think your 10-49 is in the ball park. I'd probably buy 2-3 varieties and keep each set on for a two week period to figure out what you like and what fit's your playing style.
My tokai which is a 24.75" is tuned in C standard with 13-56 if I recall correctly. And it feels just right.

So you might just wanna use one of these tension calculators to figure out what you would need for the same tension on a 27".
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Thanks for the feedback. I'll go for the set of 11s because they are the cheapest at the moment. I prefer a slight bit of under tension so I'm not bothered if they are a tad loose.