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I just recently got a Charvel San Dimas, and I love the guitar. But people seem to label them as rock/ 80s metal / shred guitars. At the shop I tried both the Charvel San Dimas and a mexi standard strat and the Charvel sounded a lot nicer to me on clean tone. I don't have a lot of experience with guitars or gear ( out of all my years playing I've only owned about 2 different guitars ). So my question is, is the Charvel San Dimas versatile enough for what I want to do? I'm into guitar players like john petrucci, guthrie govan, Paul Gilbert, eric johnson etc. and the genres I play / would like to be able to play are blues, jazz, indie, rock, fusion, some metal, pop, and funk. I'm into shred styles of playing but more into melodic, and also jazz and fusion are probably my favorite styles to play. I still have the optin of returning my Charvel and getting a fender american standard or something else. Thanks in advance.
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As long as you like the neck, dude. Pickups can be swapped.

Maybe you just like humbuckers more than single coils?
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I love the neck it feels really nice to play.
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yeah it should be fine, i'd have thought, if you can put up with the looks. they have fairly versatile pickups in them, i think.
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you have a fantastic guitar for what you play with no limitations. you are set up for fusion, shred, pretricci, etc, but the guitar is versatile enough to handle most of what you want. charvels generally have REALLY great quality, feel, and quality of parts like pups, which IMO, will be better than fender.

i would love to own a charvel style super start. i say keep it. and it feels good to you? definitely keep it.

any guitar with a hand rubbed back of neck was built by people that actually know whats up. charvel necks included. VERY nice.
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Thanks Dave MC and ikey. I think I will keep it, I love every aspect of the guitar I just wanted to make sure it suited my style. I don't have a proper amp yet so I can't hear it's full potential. Definitely love the charvel though, my next guitar will probably be the guthrie govan signature model when / if that ever comes out.
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No offense TS, but you should have asked EG's opinion BEFORE you bought the guitar, haha. HNGD!
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They are only labelled as 80s guitars because of their looks - it fits the 80s style. But if you like the sound, who cares what the guitar looks like? And I think it looks good for other styles too. Somebody could call Flying V a metal guitar but you can play whatever you want with it. For example Jimi Hendrix sometimes used a Flying V and he definitely didn't play metal.

Most versatility comes from your amp. Guitars with humbuckers always sound like guitars with humbuckers. If you like the sound, why do you care about what people say about the guitar? If you hadn't heard of it being an "80s guitar", you wouldn't even have asked the question and you would have been completely happy with it. Don't listen to other people, listen to yourself. If you like it, it's good.

I have a Charvel So Cal and it's a great guitar. It's basically the same as San Dimas but with a pickguard and different pickups. And today I don't even play that much hair metal.

Also - "Charvel sounded a lot nicer to me on clean tone". You just answered your own question.
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TS that is a great guitar, keep it.
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