There are lots of either incorrect or poorly produced tabs on the site some of which prevent new versions to be uploaded due to the volume of current versions.

For example. My Sweet Child O Mine tab was just rejected by a moderator because there are 14 versions uploaded already. It didn't matter that my version was 100% correct or that it had the most realistic sounding instruments due to my effect settings being tuned to perfection after digging for information on the settings each artist uses. I bet he/she didn't even listen to it via Guitar Pro.

Nonetheless, Perhaps a system should be implemented that allows Contributors who have contributed at least 20+ tabs that have all been approved to vote one whether a tab should be kept or not. Then the moderators can review the tab and make the final decision. A lot of tabs are either out of date or were simply the first ones to be posted despite having faults.

On top of this the ability for a contributor to remove their own tabs would be nice. I have some old tabs on here that I have updated from PowerTab to Guitar Pro seeing as the latter is used more now that the former. My list is plagued in my eyes by my poorly rated PowerTab contributions and I just wish I could remove them.

One more thing before I go. People should need to register before being able to rate tabs or even submit tabs for approval. Registration takes away the opportunity for internet trolls to mess with the serious musicians who put effort and time into their work here.

Thank you for your time in reading this Forum Post. Feel free to leave feedback below.

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So much yes. I can't count the number of times i've had to endure half-assed tabs. The problem is that there's so many bad tabs of just the one song, no one can put out a good tab. If I could get rid of a 2- star tab to put in a 5- star tab, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
I don't know about the ability to full-on delete tabs, because it is an archive after all and you never know when you might need a particular tab for some reason.

But there should DEFINITELY be a better system for finding the best version of a tab and hiding all the bad ones.

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