When you get a new rating on a tab but there has been a few other ratings on the tab, you don't know for sure what they rated it. I think it would be a helpful improvement to show what users rate your tab when you see the new rating notification of your profile.

I agree. It lets you know the first rating of the first person obviously, but unless the overall rating changes you can't know the ratings of the next people. However - it lets you know who rated, so the system doesn't really make sense.
I'm all for it and think tabbers should have the right to know so they can ask for a reasoning for a bad rating for example.
Pretty sure that feature is only available for tab moderators to prevent tab rating abuse.
Of course, you wouldn't have to care about that if you were a good tabber like me lol.
I don't think it would create any additional abuse. The rating system is hardly an issue anyway.
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Naw, I wasn't implying it would. I was just saying that that's the only reason tab mods have that feature.

Like, I remember a tab mod warned this one guy because he was rating everyone else's (except his own, of course) version of a song 1 star. I think they warned him and took off his ratings from their tabs.
Well on that subject there's almost definitely some cases of abuse. I saw one of these guys who go for ranking and submit like a billion chord tabs a year, of his/her newly approved tabs which was like 10 all had 5 stars and 2 views (completely unknown artists that get rated once every 2 year at best if legit). Probably an extra account or ally. This sort of thing probably happens a lot, no big deal just rather silly.
It does happen. But as far as reviews go, if a person opens a tab and it doesn't satisfy them, there are usually several other versions that can be viewed.
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I wish I was American.

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