Currently I have 2 bands. I have a band with some relatively notable gigging history in the area, as well as a solid lineup of people who have great chemistry together. The second band is currently just me recording music and playing all the instruments, with a drummer who recently discussed interest in playing in this band. The problem is that I would pick the second band to play with any day over the first one. That band has no motivation whatsoever. Whenever I try and get a practice together, there's always someone who is "too busy" to make it (They're too busy having sex or playing video games to do it). Even on the odd time we can all get together, no matter how much I try to give them gentle pushes into practicing new songs, they just want to stick with the same 20 songs. Then they'll go and complain that those songs are boring.

I want to drag them into reality and get them to take their heads out of their asses, but these guys won't respond to that kind of attitude. If I could get them to actually do something we could be a pretty stellar band. How am I supposed to find a way to get them interested enough that that can happen?

PS, I was just using the other band as an example. I would like to be in both bands.
Is your first band a cover band? What is a "notable gigging history"?
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
all bands will have a bit of a drought...you´ve all probably just reached the limits of your "know hows" and are on cruise control. If your a cover band you need to look for new songs or have a look at the ones your doing and see what´s missing....challenge the others by finding thoose litle extra´s in the song that everyone´s probably skipped cause they´re to difficult, look at adding harmonies giving it some originality....whatever you do just have some fun with it....same goes if your doing your own songs....change instruments with eachother, practice naked, get sloshed, find some good blow....just get the juice flowing...and getting a gig never hurt either...makes things "for-real" again
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From experience: If you need to motivate your band members then they shouldn't be band members.

(Of course motivation is sometimes needed. Band members are going to have off days)

You've obviously got a different goal from the band than the rest of them if you have to find a way to motivate them all the time.
It is hard to really make any difference to another musicians motivation, damn near impossible. It is quite possible that this band is doing everything that the rest of its members want. Some people are happy to get together with a bunch of mates once a month and play to a live audience. They are still musicians, they get a buzz but the rest of their lives are important enough to them that they don't want to put more in. talk to them individually by all means but if they are content with what you have they ain't gonna change.

It can't be much effort for you either and you say they are a good bunch, ride with it and put your ambition and energies into other projects. If any of these projects takes off and your time becomes a problem then you'll know what to do.
First thing that jumped out at me..."gigging HISTORY". Are ya'll still gigging? If I were in a band that was out playing every week and then we just stopped and still carried on practicing for more than a few months, id be pissed off and unmotivated too. You have to have goals and something to work for. Tour, recording, etc.