I started out trying to write a Napoleon-ripoff and it turned into this really weird thing.

I don't know genres well enough to define the song so if someone feels inclined, I'd appreciate if you could do me the favor

Edit: WIP ofc!
nynapoleon v3.gp5
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Hey man, nice song here! The only part that sounded kind of off to me was 32-35 with the lead, but other than that nice job!
I quite like it. Skillful riffing, and a nice sense of melody and harmony. There are only two minor things I would suggest could use improvement. Firstly, it may just be because of all the prog I hear in here, but the song seems to lack dynamics. I kind of get the same feeling out of each riff, regardless of the techniques being used. Maybe it needs some key changes, or some non-diatonic chords to fix that. The other is that the brutalish section needs a transition going out of it. I love the way the song goes into it, and the riff itself, but getting out of could be smoother.
It's a lot of wanking, is what it is
Anyway, I've written some more and tried to use your criticism but I'm not sure if it turned out better or worse!

The 9-5-4-x-x-x chords are supposed to be 9-9-0-x-x-x btw

And most importantly, I can play exactly 0% of this song on guitar.