This guitar looks awesome but I cant seem to find them anywhere. I can't even find an online retailer that carries them. Has anyone played one and what were your thoughts?
They haven't hit my local yet.
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Have they not been distributed yet? I found one online and there is a guy selling one local to me but I find it odd that I cant find them from any retailer.
'Pretty sure those aren't new. They had a run in 2011/12 and were discontinued if I recall correctly.
those are new in the Tribute series this year ..... good guitar !!, G & L doesn't make a bad guitar ..... the Tribute is based off the American Korina limited edition that Justrooster posted , has the same pick ups and harware at 1/3 the price .....

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Well I found one on CL for 350 which actually seems a bit high considering they are only 450 brand new. If I can get this guy to agree to 300 I think I'll pick it up. I've never owned a tele and this guitar seems so versatile!
They're rare. Even the Tribute series holds value very well. $300 might be a tad high as most of their $499 starting instruments sell for $325 used on average.
Well I'm hoping he goes for 300. He wants 350 and an extra 35 for a soft case, or extra 75 for a hard shell. Thats WAAAYYYY too high.
i wouldn't say waaay too high. but i wouldn't call it a tele either, it's more of a tele shaped bolt on les paul.

either way it's a G&L so it's likely a very good guitar. i bought my G&L tribute model used off GC sight unseen. it's one the best guitar's i've had imo.
Well I picked it up and it plays like butter and is super versatile. IM STOKED! I still can't believe how great a value the tribute series is.