I received an offer from a friend today to play on a local bill. I am in a few different projects, and was contemplating which one to perform. I first offered it to a female vocal group I accompany on guitar, but they are all obligated to a choir gig that night which would fall an hour before arriving at the local show. Now should I book the vocal group for the last spot on the bill or perform with a different project cause it would be easier time wise? Revolving around gig etiquette; the gig was offered to me, do I claim the right to give it to any project I want? Since I already offered it to the vocal group do I have to commit to that group or could I say sorry I'm deciding to go with another project? Thanks.
If it was offered to you, you can pass it to whomever you want. It sounds like the choir can't do the gig (I think) so there's no obligation to give them the gig they can't do. If you simply changed your mind as to who you want, you can do that too. Just give notice to them that the organiser decided to go with one of your other projects. No need to tell them that the organiser was you. If they do ask if it was you, tell them honestly why you chose the other group.
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Thanks y'all - this advice helped. Probably going to go with a different project, because I've performed a lot recently with that group and want to try something different.
Also, considering it was offered to you, aside from the obvious that you can play with whoever you want on this, it would be kind of rude to try for a different time slot unless you have a lot of clout. . . and then still, take the time that was offered to you, set it up with another project.
Do you think that, when the offer was made, that they had one of those groups in particular in mind?

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