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All digital albums free. CDs usually run 10 bucks.

This is the spot for all my solo project. I've got more than a dozen or so, all compiled here. I just released a new death/doom album that's gaining traction so far, and a black metal album I released about a month ago has gotten great reviews. Give it a listen!
Death, Black, Doom, Grind, and more.
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Slight change here - I decided to make all the digital downloads of my albums free on bandcamp. So if you've been wanting some music but $1 is too much, now you can have it for free!
Death, Black, Doom, Grind, and more.
Just released a goregrind split with shokushu goukan. Here's my side:
and here's shokushu goukan's side:

It's some good raw deathgrind/goregrind. Give it a listen!
Death, Black, Doom, Grind, and more.
SALOTH sounds a lot like Cerekloth... which is death metal. Are all of these projects you?
Yes, I am the only musician in all of these projects except for the breaking wheel, which a friend drummed for and helped write. I haven't heard Cerekloth, I"ll have to check them out. And on that note...

New album out! Replicant - Nightmares and Soundscapes. Drone, dark ambient, instrumental stuff. Great background music.
Death, Black, Doom, Grind, and more.