hi folks I am a novise here so please bare with me I have a rubbish electric guitar its so rubbish that iit wont work when i plug it into an amp i think there may be a dry joint or something so i was wondering if i can bypass the volume knob etc and wire directly into the pick up ? also how can you tell if a pickup is broken or beyond repair.

cheres folks
Like Explorer said, you can wire the pickup direct and skip the volume and/or tone. If you have the pickup out of the guitar, you can hold (or tape) the wires to an audio jack. Then just tap the pole pieces lightly with a screw driver. That will induce enough of a response to make a sound in your speakers (of course, keep the volume down and touch lightly). But that way, you can test the pickup wires before you put it all back together. If you want to, you can attach the tone and volume knobs and do the same screwdriver test at each step until you're ready to put the strings back on to make sure you don't mess something up along the way.