How about "The Brew"?
EDIT: I think they're actually rlatively small. Jack White does a lot of cool stuff as well, check out the White Stripes (in case you don't know them yet ) Joe Bonamassa is another very popular blues/rock guitarist. Lastly I think Derek Trucks and Gary Clark Jr are worth a listen
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John Mayer has some really poppy stuff that I don't personally care for, but he's also a pretty impressive blues guitarist. Do a google search and you can find plenty of good SRV sounding Mayer tunes.
Like the poster above me said, Mayer is one of the best bets.

There is a lot of great young blues musicians out there, however they are mainly "underground" if you can call it that way, more of a "small circuit" performance.

If you are interested, sit down and give the Crossroads Guitar Festival a go, you might find some interesting young musicians over there.
There's a band on soundcloud called The Dirty Things, they're really good, Jack White is proper killer and yeah like the others said Mayer when he does his blues stuff not his pop stuff
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I am not a fan of pop, but a lot of Mayer pop songs, are still good, from a music point of view and entertainment, again "personal opinion here".

The acoustic live version of Neon for example is quire good, in my opinion.
Not sure if you're specifically looking for a band as opposed to a solo artist, but if you haven't discovered Joe Bonamassa I highly recommend him - incredible blues/rock guitarist.
Check out maybe Vintage Trouble. They have a blues/R&B thing going on. Just an option.
Gary Clark Jr is amazing too.
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I have just been listening to Black Country Communion for the first time and they were really good, one of the best bands I've heard in ages. Classic rock with a bit of a modern touch to it. They are fronted by ex Deep Purple singer and bassist Glenn Hughes who is an incredible front man and vocalist. There's plenty of stuff on U-tube, well worth a look IMHO.
Black Keys are the most successful band in that general vein by far. There's some great riffage there.

Sheepdogs are a great n blues/rock band with a good vintage vibe.

If you want your face melted off with virtuosity you can check out Eric Gales Live. Joe Bonamassa has referred to him as possibly the best player around today, and I would agree ( for rock/blues etc.).

I'll throw you a local/unknown suggestion that I think is world class : Garrett Mason - he's as good as they get. He's plays a dirty fingerstyle with a very unique touch.
Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers. Joe Bonomassa. The 2 kings of blues rock today in my world. Everyone now knows Joe Bono, but Thackery is fabulous too