Heey there,

Listen to my first -close to finished- song ever.

I posted this to get some feedback.
Negative and positive feedback are both appreciated!

Before checking my song out please notice that I'm not pleased with the verse yet.

It's just too boring but can't come up with something better at the moment
I'm doing the vocals aswell so can't be too difficult (guitar 1)

Not sure how to classify this so any help on that would be appriciated aswell

Feel free to edit my tab aswell and if so please post it on here.

Thanks you for your time!

hey man welcome to the forum

if this your first song than all i can give u is kudo's great job !

all the parts are good and your song flows like a metal song should , every part does something else while still maintaining an overall structure that works in the context and there is dynamic between your intstruments.

i could crit every single part but like i said the as a whole it works so ill just say keep doing what you do and again , good job !

and as far as the verse goes , the lyrics really can make or break this section , as with any section that has vocals so its difficult for me to say if it works or not without the vocal melody line or lyrics.

can you crit Unsung Heroes for me ? its in my sig
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This sounds great! Killer stuff, dont worry about the verse, it will leave enough room for vocals that way
Heey, well thank you man.
Very motivating to read this, if there's more I'll surely post it.

As for your song, I'll check it out and post a reply on your thread of Unsung Heroes.
Very nice song! Good solos and riffs. There's nothing bad to tell about, as for me
**** this is really really great. Amazing for a first completed song. I really can't crit anything as it's beyond my skill. I can see what you mean about the verse but I think it could be fine how it is.
Thanks guys, can't wait to start recording

More music in progress